1. How much is stall rent?
    answer: $250 for newer larger barns, $200 for older barns.
  2. Is bedding & hay included in the price?
    answer: no
  3. What size is the track?
    answer: 1/2 mile and there is 1 1/2 mile scenic jog track
  4. How are the paddocks allocated?
    answer: paddocks are shared among the barn and the larger barns are allocated their own
  5. Which suppliers frequently deliver hay and feed?
    answer: we supply the names (it’s the same suppliers that deliver to all the training centers)
  6. How close are the racetracks?
    answer: Flamboro 5 mins, Mohawk 25 mins, Woodbine 50 mins, Georgian 2 hrs, Western Fair 1 1/2 hrs, Grand
    River 1 hr